Sip. Savor. Repeat.

We Distill Whiskey & Rum
and Conduct Tastings & Tours

Texas-Based Distillery Offering
Handcrafted Spirits

Clifford Distilling, LLC is a Texas-based distillery providing an exclusive selection of whiskey and rum. We are a veteran-owned and operated distillery. All our spirits are handcrafted to give you the finest tasting spirits. In addition, we conduct tours and tastings for a complete experience that you will savor.
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A Tailored Barrel for You

We store a personalized barrel of spirits with your logo on it and then conduct a bottling party as a family or team-building event.

When it comes to making our spirits, there's a lot of waiting. While each barrel patiently ages, our distillers continue to raise the standards of full flavor. The result is an amazing spirit that is smooth in every sip.

Each bottle of spirits tells a story of the Texas Revolution in honor of the brave Texians that made this great State. We also honor two of the greatest fighting Army Divisions in the world with our spirit proofs, 101 proof for the 101st ABN DIV at Fort Campbell, KY and 82 proof for the 82nd ABN DIV at Fort Bragg, NC. As we come out with new products, we will be honoring more of our great Military Forces and Country. Please email us if you would like your unit honored on one of our products.

Why Choose Our Spirits?

Everything is handcrafted and made in small batches. We only use hearts cut of alcohol. Thus, you can enjoy our spirits without the goosebumps that go along with most spirits. You can sip it strait up or mix it with your favorite mixers.

The hearts cut of the distillation process is the sweet spot in the process that does not contain methanol. Methanol can cause bad side effects like headaches, blurry vision and hangovers so we remove all of it.